Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich (PZFD)

Polski Związek Firm Deweloperskich (PZFD), the Polish Association of Developers is a nationwide organization gathering more than 40% of all developers of the Polish real estate market. It was founded in 2002. The activity of PZFD is mainly focused on supporting the development of the national residential market, as well recently we are extending our actions on commercial developers.

The PZFD plays an important role in the Polish legislative field, effectively expressing its opinion and influencing the shape of legal provisions. It also takes an active part in shaping the Polish real estate market. The realization of this aims is carried out mainly through the elimination of barriers that prevent the market development. Cooperation with similar and external organizations operating out of Poland and with the Polish government and representatives of the national organizations ensures the creation of optimal solutions in residential construction.

The previous international activities undertaken by the PZFD:

  • participating as an expert in the study for the European Commission on the simplification and recognition in the construction sector under the Services Directive;
  • participation in the study related to costs of insurance for housing for the European Commission;
  • participation as an expert in the preparation of the Report Doing Business in Poland in 2015 for the World Bank;
  • preparing the position papers to drafts of legal acts in the field of real estate development activity, released by the authorities of the European Union or OECD, in cooperation with UEPC and BIAC.

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